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The Honda Metropolitan

Firstly, the Honda Metropolitan is one of the most popular scooters sold in the United States. This is largely due to the Honda brand resonating with consumers as “dependable” and “value.” However, due to the economics and nature of manufacturing motorized scooters, Honda can do little to ensure their scooters are more “dependable” than other premium scooters., , , Yamaha, and other quality manufacturers have similar levels of dependability (or better in some cases). With the Honda Metropolitan, the Honda name is nice to have, but it doesn’t automatically make the Metro anymore dependable. Although Honda is originally a Japanese brand, their scooters are made in factories in Mainland China. The quality of materials used in the Metro may be affected by this shift. Essentially, when you buy a Honda Metro, you are buying a Chinese made scooter. In terms of performance, the Metropolitan is one of the slowest 50cc scooters you can buy. The 4 stroke engine limits the Metro’s ability to climb hills, navigate through traffic, and get you safely from A to B. Moreover, an additional passenger slows the Metro to an almost unbearable pace. Anyone looking to “zip” down Franklin or over to the local farmer’s market will soon grow bored of the Metro’s wheezy engine.

Genuine Scooter Company Buddy 50

We may be biased, but we love the way operates their US based company. We respect their 2 year bumper to bumper warranty and free roadside assistance they have standard on all their scooters. We appreciate that we can get them on the phone almost any hour of the day. Most of all, we love that they make the (and it’s aggressive brother the). The Buddy is a dependable and zippy scooter, with a fit and trim to rival that of Honda Metro’s. Moreover, the amount of performance parts available for the Buddy from Scooterworks puts the the already swift Buddy heads and shoulders ahead of the Metropolitan. Simply put, the, when compared to the Honda, is simply faster, has a more comprehensive warranty, better build quality (completely made in Taiwan, the scooter capital of the world), and it even has a power socket to charge your phone! The Buddy also comes is several deliciously bold colors which are not only aesthetically appealing, but keeps you safe on the road. Anyone looking for a Honda Metropolitan, should seriously consider the Buddy 50. I am sure that there are lots of Honda Metropolitan owners who may take issue with this comparison. I’m sure you love your Metro. The Metropolitan is a decent scooter! However, in my 10 years of selling scooters, I would choose the Buddy 50 over the Metro everyday all day long. I invite all Metro owners and Metro curious to visit our showroom to try for yourself. I think the Buddy is more than up to the challenge.

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