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KENNESAW, Ga.—June 4, 2015—Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces the all-new 2016 Kodiak 700 line of 4x4 utility ATVs including the Kodiak 700 (MSRP $6, 999), Kodiak 700 EPS (MSRP $8, 199), and Special Edition (SE) Kodiak 700 EPS (MSRP $8, 899), all boasting class-leading performance and value for the hardworking utility ATV customer.

Assembled at Yamaha’s U.S. factory in Newnan, Georgia, the all-new Kodiak 700 ATVs are built for work with a comfortable and compact feeling new chassis. New styling, smooth power and increased torque create the foundation for a range of features that all combine to make the Kodiak 700 ATVs the most powerful in their pricing categories, while maintaining Yamaha’s legendary durability and off-road performance.

“Yamaha is redefining the mid-sized utility ATV category with the all-new Kodiak 700 models, ” said Mike Martinez, vice present of Yamaha’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) group. “The Kodiak 700s have the power and performance of a big bore ATV packed into a compact chassis, with a price range more closely compared to 450- or 550-cc class machines. These are a working man’s ATVs with power, comfort, durability and value.”

2016 KODIAK 700 4x4 ATV

All new 2016 Yamaha Kodiak 700 utility ATV

The all-new Kodiak 700 features a new DOHC, 708cc engine with optimized engine character, delivering smooth power and strong torque for all-day comfort and ease of use. Along with the new engine, Yamaha incorporated the Mikuni® fuel injection system with 44mm bore and throttle position sensor supporting easy cold starts and flawless fuel delivery in nearly any condition.

The Kodiak 700 features Yamaha’s proven Ultramatic® fully automatic transmission with high, low, reverse and neutral, providing the industry’s most durable CVT transmission and the most natural-feeling engine braking throughout the rpm range.

A strong and convenient gate-style shifting lever lets the rider easily select the drive setting, while a mechanical rider-engaged 2WD/4WD system with handlebar-mounted setting selection lever puts the rider in control of when to put 4-wheel traction to the ground in rough off-road terrain and hardworking situations.

The new Kodiak 700 incorporates independent suspension with 7.1 inches of travel in the front and 9.1 inches of travel in the back. Twenty-five inch wheels and Yamaha-exclusive Maxxis® tires provide a high level of durability, traction, comfort and steering precision.

Hydraulic disc brakes up front and a new durable sealed wet brake in back provide strong and reliable stopping power. Nearly 11 inches of ground clearance and a 49.2-inch wheelbase provide the best combination of comfort and terrainability in working situations, and front to back skid plates increase overall off-road capability.

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