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b2ap3_thumbnail_RideX64-2015-03-19-23-17-11-91.jpgHey guys!

So this would seem to be my first ever blog post on the site, and I can't thank you enough to be given the opportunity to be part of the team, it's a pleasure. I've been running my own channel for just over a year, and to be honest I haven't really expected much to come out of it, with only a handful of subscribers (which I've always said I'm not too fussed about). But looking over the past year since the day I first put a Drift on my head, got on my then restricted SV650S, I'd never have dreamed I'd be doing the things I am doing today, so thanks all!

For those that don't know much about me and my channel, I'm The Rampant Rider, a strange name I know, but it stuck...

I'm originally from the far land we call Norwich, Norfolk, and no. I do NOT have webbed hands as many believe us Naarfulk folk do. Trust me, it's not as bad as Suffolk, just flatter.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Ride-PC-Game-2015-Setup-Free-Download.jpgLast September I packed up, and moved 150 miles down to Brighton, to pursue my other personal interests, so now my channel and vlogging resides in the South of England.

Right, now lets get on topic. I myself am a huge gaming fan, so I was excited to hear around 10 months ago about this game that would provide the "best motorcycling experience" from Milestone. I've played previous Moto GP title games from them before, and although I've enjoyed them, they're all pretty much the same right? As the months drew closer, with more gameplay footage appearing on the tinternet, I thought this game looked pretty decent. So I noted down the release date, mentioned a little bit in one of my vlogs, and waited out.

Oh yeah, I waited alright...

Every advert possible said this game was being released on March 12th. That was the date I had noted down, in which at the time I visiting back home. After getting to nearest GAME store, I was then denied a purchase. Although we were all led to believe, that RIDE was being released on the 12th, it had only been released exclusively on PS4. Now I'm still behind the times, with an Xbox 360, gutted. After much frustration from many Xbox and PS3 gamers around the UK, Milestone officially made a statement saying the other platforms would be released on the 27th.

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