Dirt Bike Rider Game

Dirt bike rider Game

Dirt biking is fast becoming one of the most popular activities in the exciting world of extreme motorsports. Challenging terrains, powerful bikes, highly skillful riders, awesome stunts – motocross dirt biking has it all! However, even the most talented motorsport game players are always looking for a new and improved challenge – and we’ve got just the treat! Mini Dirt Bike is an intense and action-packed FMX biking game where you have to take on a series of explosive levels on a marvelous miniature motorcycle! Ride your tiny dirt bike over challenging desert tracks filled with steep climbs, industrial obstacles, and awesome opportunities for madcap midair stunts! Just make sure not to crash land!

This outrageous motocross bike riding game requires a great deal of finger tapping keyboard control, balance and panache. Understandably, your miniscule motorbike can be extremely tricky to keep control of, especially at such high speeds. Quick reactions, decisive movements, and good concentration skills are all vitally important attributes on the dirt road to success. However, that doesn’t mean you should suppress your wild side! Spectacular stunts and fancy flips are handsomely rewarded on the scoreboard, and the rowdiest of riders seem to generate their own air of invincibility! That bike may well be small, but your ambitions have to be BIG!

How to Play: Your goal in each increasingly challenging level is to reach the end point without crashing off of your mini FMX dirt bike. Each level is side-scrolling from left to right, and features a number of obstacles, hills, drops, and exploding Power-Ups. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your mini bike: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake & Reverse; Left Arrow = Lean Back; Right Arrow = Lean Forward. As you ride along, you can collect the silver and yellow exploding Power-Ups to increase your score in the top right corner of the game screen. Power-Ups with stars indicated on them increase your score, while others reduce your Health Bar.

After soaring through the air, be careful to land back down on your wheels – otherwise your rider falls off, the bike spectacularly explodes, and you have to replay the level! At the beginning of each level, you have three lives as indicated by the yellow helmet at the top of the game screen. If you lose all of your lives through repeated crashes, it’s game over and you have to start again from Level 1. Reach the end point (where the rider zooms out of sight through the right hand side of the game screen) without crashing to progress to the next level. Tip: Earn extra bonus points with cool front and back flips.

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