On and off road Dirt Bikes

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: That’s a 2016 Yamaha two-stroke off-road 250!Yes, There’s A New Off-Road Two-Stroke!

Photos By Chris Denison & Courtesy Of Yamaha

The year 2016 just got a lot more interesting. The new motocross and off-road model release announcements are currently being cranked out by the major manufacturers, and Yamaha, the latest company to come forth, has dropped the big news that they have a new off-road two-stroke model, along with numerous changes to their existing model lineup.

YZ250X Two-Stroke

Here it is, Yamaha’s new off-road model! Based on the motocross model, the YZ250X gets some tuning tweaks, a five-speed wide-ratio transmission, an 18” rear wheel, Dunlop AT81 tires, a petcock with reserve, and a kickstand.Let’s start at the beginning: in 2015, Yamaha unveiled the all-new YZ250FX, an off-road variant of its popular YZ250F motocross model (along with an all-new WR250F). As expected, the YZ250FX was a high-performing machine, going so far as to take top honors in the 2015 Dirt Rider 250cc Four-Stroke Off-Road Comparison (no small feat, considering there were eight different motorcycles in that comparison!). When the YZ250FX was released, Yamaha was very clear that this was a closed-course, off-road specific race bike—think GNCC, and you get a good idea of what big blue was shooting for.

Well, it appears that Yamaha has gone a similar route with the all-new YZ250X, which is an off-road variant of the YZ250 two-stroke motocross bike.Yamaha gets a high-five for unveiling a new two-stroke model: the 2016 YZ250X. Because this new model is based off of an existing bike, we can draw a lot of conclusions about it already: We know that this two-stroke engine is fast, crisp, and impressively powerful. It boasts huge hit in the mid-range and typically requires very little by way of jetting changes in order to achieve great bark and snappy throttle response. We also know that the aluminum frame and KYB Speed Sensitive Fork make for nimble handling and amazing cornering. Given that we already have a positive impression of the YZ250 two-stroke, it’s safe to guess that the YZ250X is going to be good, even if the list of changes is not as long as some of us were hoping.

We got the chance to see the YZ250X up close and in person at the product launch. Seeing a Japanese two-stroke off-road bike at a 2016 model unveil was a bit like catching a glimpse of Bigfoot, but we’re pleased to report that this one is here to stay! You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cool to see a kick stand come stock on a blue 250cc two-stroke! For 2016, the YZ450F will feature mild changes ranging from the addition of launch control and a new cam profile in the engine to updated fork clamp offset and a slightly redesigned frame shape, along with a softer rear shock spring and a 270mm front brake rotor. The YZ450F will be available in June, with the MSRP of the bike remaining the same as ’15 at $8,590.

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