Waverunner Boat

WaveBoatThis gadget, from Fun Factory, turns your Yamaha WaveRunner into a boat, and I kinda like it. At first glance I thought it was a bit dorky. I wouldn’t want to be the guy pulling up to the dock on a “fake” boat. However, the more I looked into it… the more I started seeing potential, especailly if you already own a WaveRunner. And yes, it only works with the Yamaha WaveRunner brand. The main negative I see is that you are in a “fake” boat and that you and your passengers have to sit pretty far apart.

On the positive side, I think the idea of being able to take friends out to the middle of the lake… disconnect the two products and let some people stay on the motorless island while the others play on the WaveRunner is cool. Look for it in about a month for around $8, 000. It seems like to handle like a dream – check the video.

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