Custom Honda Motorcycles

Honda CB450 custom motorcycle

With characters constantly being killed off, the zombie-infested world of AMC's definitely isn't one of the more lighthearted shows on TV. Still, getting to be an actor on the show looks like one of the best jobs around, especially with a recent two-wheeled addition of a zombie-hunting Honda for one character.

Early in the series, Norman Reedus' character Daryl Dixon rode a motorcycle but lost it over the course of the series' tumultuous stories. When talking with producers about future stories, he said that he wanted to be on a bike again, and they agreed.

Reedus suggested Classified Moto to the producers because the company had already built a custom cycle for him. The builders there came up with a pair of custom Hondas that are made to look beat-up and utilitarian in the show's post-apocalyptic world. There's even a mounting point on the back for Daryl's trademark crossbow.

While Classified Moto now gets its bikes on TV this week, this isn't its first brush with celebrity. The company previously built Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff a highly modified Honda, as well.

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Custom Motorcycle Motorbike Skeleton Hand Claw Side Rear View Billet Mirror Universal Fit Honda CB 750 CBR 600 F4i 1000 VT1100C Shadow Spirit Nighthawk Magna
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Motorbike Mirrors)
  • Manufacturer Warranty is Valid for Purchasing from Astra Depot ONLY. Brand New Motorcycle Chrome Skeleton Claw hand design side mirrors
  • Package Included: Set of 2 chrome contour rearview mirrors (Left & Right Side)
  • 2 pieces of 8mm adapted bolts (10mm thread bolts built along with the stems)
  • Mirror Size : Approx. Length 4 inches x Width 2 3/8 inches (10 cm X 6 cm)
  • Material: Chrome finished ABS plastic mirror coating with awesome skull claw constructed
Custom Chrome Motorcycle Skeleton Bone Hands Mirrors Fits Most Harley Davidsons, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki Cruisers side chrome mirrors with skeleton hand motorcycle - Free Adapters
Automotive Parts and Accessories (KapscoMoto)
  • Highest Quality Skeleton Hand Mirrors
  • Extremely Heavy Duty Solid Billet Aluminum Material
  • Quantity: 1 Pair (Left and Right)
  • Color: Chrome
  • Universal Fit: M8 and M10 adapter bolts are included
4X Universal Motorcycle Black Mini Bullet Turn Signals Blinker Smoke Lens Pack for any Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Custom Bike, Cruiser, Choppers
Automotive Parts and Accessories (KapscoMoto)
  • Enhance the look of your Motorcycle with these Custom Turn Signals
  • Color: Black with Smoke Lens
  • Modern, Stylish, and Functional
  • Material: High Quality ABS Plastic with Black Finish
  • Dimensions: 3.75 L x 3 W x 1.75 H
Universal Fit 10mm 8mm Thread Bolts Black Skull Skeleton Claw Side Mirrors For Suzuki Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Victory Motorcycle Moto Bike Cruiser Chopper
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Motorcycle Parts Accessories Side Mirrors Rearview)
  • High quality ABS plastic mirror housing with awesome skull claw constructed
  • Unique Custom Design, perfect match to most motorcycle
  • Crystal clear white glass give a clear vision on both day and night.
  • Easy to install, no modification is required.
  • Ride Your Bike With Style.
Home Improvement (F4K)
  • Material: Plastic Mirror Housing + Aluminum Stem with Chrome Finish
  • Can be install on 10mm clockwise thread mirror mount.
  • Fully Adjustable mirror angle, up and down, left and right
  • Mirror Color: Clear. Sold in pairs

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