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social media rallies behind plea to retrieve stolen honda c100 - DOC629486News of a stolen 1960 Honda C100, otherwise known as the Super Cub has caught the attention of netizens in the UK, causing a firestorm of social media attention spurred by attempts to retrieve the vintage machine.

The online campaign to find the missing bike began after Angela Wesley-Dicken, the daughter of pensioner Terry O’Brien, posted a photo of the moped on her Facebook account detailing the events that led to it being stolen over the weekend.

Her post, and subsequent campaign to recover her father’s prized Super Cub, received an incredible social media response with over 120, 000 netizens already sharing the story. Unfortunately, the bike has yet to be retrieved but responses have been growing since Wesley-Dicken’s post of people offering their services to help her find her father’s stolen bike.

If anything, Terry O’Brien has good reason to be sentimental about his prized Super Cub. The model itself has become a commodity in the motorcycle collector scene, but what makes this particular C100 is the mileage - or lack thereof - it has since O’Brien purchased it years ago. Turns out, O’Brien’s moped only has two miles on its odometer, which means that it’s never been ridden other than for test-riding purposes.

A 1960 Honda C100 is an incredible bike by any standards, even more so if its never been used before.

I live nowhere near the United Kingdom, but I do understand why this bike means so much to Terry O’Brien. So if anybody’s reading this who just happens to be across the Atlantic, keep your eyes open for a Honda SuperCub with a license plate “TOB123B”.

It’s not much, but it’s the least I can do. Hopefully, the bike is returned to its owner sooner than later.

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