New Honda Motorcycle Models

Japanese luxury car major Honda has started its motorcycle business in Bangladesh. Honda has a motorcycle business partnership in Bangladesh, which goes by the name Bangladesh Honda Private Limited, and the company has started selling motorcycle models from the house of Honda in Bangladesh from 27th of December. Earlier this year before the commencement of motorcycle sales in the country, Bangladesh Honda Private Limited commenced the localized production of the motorcycle model CD80 in the month of October. The locally produced as well as the imported Honda motorcycle models will be sold by the official Honda motorcycle dealers in Bangladesh.

Honda New Auto Plant in Brazil

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited has recently set up two official Honda motorcycle dealers, one of which is located in Tangail, while the other is situated at Jamalpur. The company commenced the sale of six motorcycle models in Bangladesh on 27th of this month, through the authorized dealers. These six models also include the locally manufactured CD80 as well as the Dream Neo, which is imported from Honda’s Motorcycle business unit in India.

Apart from the sales of the Honda motorcycles, Bangladesh Honda Private Limited will be also offering an extensive range of services that include the sale of spare parts, after sales services and regular maintenance of the motorcycles in order to cater to the various requirements of the Honda motorcycle consumers in Bangladesh. Honda also has plans to increase the dealership network in Bangladesh with the opening of several other new outlets soon enough. The company wishes to expand its footprint in the motorcycle industry of Bangladesh by offering various other new Honda motorcycle models via the newly set up Honda dealers in the future.

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