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Lindsay LohanSplash

Lindsay Lohan has a spotty history behind the wheel of motor vehicles, but looked in command of her watercraft in Ibiza on July 30.


The Mean Girls actress looked surprised to have fans following her on her deep sea adventure.

Lohan showed some serious sagging side boob as she frolicked on the beach in Ibiza.

Lindsay LohanA fellow jet-skier jumped to save Lohan as she seemed headed straight for an oncoming ship. Look out LiLo!

Side boob sags even more! A tanned beach-goer makes Lohan’s skin look even more pale. Was she lime green with envy?

Steady there! Lohan hid her sagging side-boob from the cameras as she made her way — somewhat unsteadily — towards the water.

Lindsay LohanDon’t you know who I am? The actress seemed a bit annoyed — did she get the special price offered to “Blue Marlin Customers”?

Lohan shrugged off the onlookers' snarls as she smiled and laughed her way towards the water.

Back on the saddle! Lohan looked less than picture perfect as she signaled another jet skier.

Attempting her best movie star face, Lohan was lifejacket ready. She put the vest on after noticing how she was literally falling out of her bathing suit!

Luckily, she seemed to obey the speed limit.

Hopefully the Liz & Dick actress applied sun screen so she wouldn’t get a sunburn to match her fiery mane.

Lindsay Lohan lindsay-lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

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