Pink Jet Ski

Sad news to pass along today … singer Sean Kingston suffered a tragic accident in Miami, FL last night that resulted in serious injuries. His injuries were so severe that a rumor started going around that he passed away :( Fortunately, Sean is still very much alive … but he is currently in critical condition in the intensive care unit in Jackson Memorial Hospital. Sean needs our prayers and good vibes, y’all.

Sean Kingston was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital Sunday night after he crashed into a bridge with a personal watercraft. The accident happened around 6 p.m. at the bridge connecting Miami Beach’s exclusive Palm Island to the MacArthur Causeway. Miami Fire Rescue and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission crews arrived to help. Kingston, 21, and a female passenger were rushed to the hospital. Jorge Pino, a spokesman for the FWC, said Kingston and the passenger “needed medical attention.” As of Sunday night, Kingston was in serious condition, although the extent of his injuries was uncertain. The passenger was alert and talking to investigators. “I don’t know exactly what caused the accident. That’s something that we’re going to be looking into, ” Pino said. “Our investigators are trying to interview the young lady that was sitting as a passenger, and we’re also trying to gather information from witnesses that may have been in the area.” The Jet Ski he was riding was so badly damaged that it was towed away … The cause of the crash was under investigation. Investigators said they plan to look into whether speed played a role.

TMZ has since updated Kingston‘s condition, reporting that he has been moved from the trauma center to the intensive care unit:

Sean Kingston has been transferred from the trauma unit to the intensive care unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital — where he is in critical condition, but has been stabilized … this according to his rep … Kingston’s rep tells us, “Sean’s family thanks everyone for their prayers and support during this time.”

My guess is that Sean suffered severe head injuries … and if so, this is a very dangerous situation. Let’s keep Sean Kingston in our thoughts and prayers today … the young man is such a talent, he still has a very long life to live. Get well, Sean.

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