Kawasaki let the good times roll

Z900A4 – Let the good times

In another one of those moments when you realize that your are just a few short years away from wearing plaid shirts, pants that buckle over your belly button and running shoes (not because your athletic but because you need the arch support), the first thing that came to mind when I received word that Baxter had been selected by Kawasaki to support the manufacturer’s parts, power products and engine distribution business was the Kawasaki Let’s The Good Times Roll commercial from the early 70s. (For those of you who actually remember the original commercial, and those who are going what?, I have provided the video of the television ad below.)

Putting aside for the moment the pleasant stroll down memory lane, this is a very interesting win for the Texas-based vendor, whose SaaS solution is specifically focused on meeting the “unique demands of the after-market, service, repair, and spare parts industries.”

To begin, Indirect Material MRO procurement and management has multiple challenges ranging from effectively forecasting requirements to satisfying end customer service levels, while still maintaining the highest level of profitability possible.

The fact that Baxter’s selection coincides with Kawasaki’s recent decision to engage UPS to warehouse and ship all of its parts, power products and engines reflects a collaborative strategy that is essential to the eventual success of a collective initiative. Specifically, through the effective coordination of the movement of product through the company’s OEM, distributor and dealer channels, both consumer satisfaction and confidence in the brand will be the end result.

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Let the good times roll
Let the good times roll
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