Arizona Motorcycle Safety course

3wbrc_Homepage_rotator_2013_05TEAM Arizona is happy to introduce the addition of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse to its already extensive course offerings. The course will provide owners and prospective owners of trikes, Can-AM spyders, and more the opportunity to earn a motorcycle endorsement through the course once the rider passes both the written and riding evaluations.

Ron Arieli, TEAM Arizona owner, is excited to provide the Arizona motorcycling community with yet another training option. “We truly feel this is the best place for a new rider to start once they’ve made the decision to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle. The course includes plenty of fun classroom exercises and between six to eight hours of saddle time on our training range. Several dealerships throughout Arizona have requested this service; we’re happy to meet their needs.”

The benefits for attending this course are many, even for individuals with two-wheel riding experience. Three wheel vehicles require different techniques for cornering and hazard avoidance. An individual who takes this course will have the opportunity to learn these techniques on our training range before mixing it up with traffic. Also, insurance discounts may be available upon completion of the course.

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Get motorcycle safety training from the pros
Get motorcycle safety training from the pros
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TEAM Arizona Motorcycle Rider Training Basic RiderCourse Video
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