California Motorcycle Safety Program

CMSP stands for California

Motorcyclists may suffer serious injuries when they are involved in an accident The Oceanside Police Department is cracking down on unsafe motorcycle riding practices, through a special crackdown motorcycle safety program that will continue over the weekend. These efforts are aimed at reducing the number of motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities.
As part of the initiative, extra Oceanside police officers will be on duty in areas that are frequented by motorcycle riders and see a high number of accidents. These police officers will be looking for motorcyclists and motorists riding or driving under the influence of alcohol. They will also be looking for motorcyclists who flout traffic violations, and ride at dangerous speeds. Police officers will also be cracking down on motorists who drive recklessly.
Motorcycle accident rates in California dropped in 2009 after an eleven year- increase in motorcycle accident deaths. The final motorcycle accident numbers for 2010 are not yet in, but preliminary numbers do indicate that the decline in motorcycle accident deaths continued last year too.
However, Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers would not read too much into this decline in motorcycle accident deaths in California last year, and the year before. The decline in motorcycle accident fatalities has coincided with the economic recession. Motorcycle safety groups have noted that motorcycle riding was down in 2009 as financial woes caused people to cut down on recreational activities. Further, there was a drop in the number of motorcycles sold in 2009, also a direct result of the recession. Whether motorcycle accident death numbers will remain low once the economy picks up and motorcyclists resume their normal riding practices remains to be seen.
However, some of the decline in motorcycle accident deaths can be attributed to the fact that there has been an increasing awareness about motorcycle safety over the last couple of years. Local police departments have been trying to raise awareness among drivers about the need to look out for motorcyclists at all times. Besides, motorcyclists are now choosing to undertake motorcycle safety education programs before they begin riding.
Motorcycle education and training is an important part of preventing motorcycle accidents and fatalities. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers rider training courses, for both amateur and advanced riders. In fact, one of the factors in the continually high numbers of motorcycle accident fatalities of the past decade has been that far too many motorcyclists were taking to riding without the benefit of a training program.

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