Motorcycle Safety Foundation NY

Recognized Training Provider

On the Road Again (OTRA) Motorcycle School of Stony Brook, NY underwent some big changes this past season. In an effort to offer more services to the riding public and current customers, OTRA Motorcycle School added the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse to an already extensive curriculum of motorcycle classes. After more than fifteen years of doing private motorcycle instruction, November marked the end of the first season as a Motorcycle Safety Foundation training provider.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation course has attracted a wide variety of riders, from young guys who already ride Sport Bikes, to seasoned “Harley Dudes”, to people as young as 18 or as old as 70, who have never thrown a leg over a motorcycle before. It’s awesome to see everyone learn and improve over the course of a weekend. Even the seasoned riders who take the course admit they learned some things and/or corrected some bad habits during this weekend course.

In the future we plan to offer even more expanded learning opportunities for our students, but in the meantime, anyone who may be interested in taking more motorcycle classes like the Basic RiderCourse, but on their own bike, can go to the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program website to check out other offerings from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The Basic Ride Course2 is similar to the Basic RiderCourse, but for experienced riders, and the ARC (Advanced RiderCourse) is even more challenging, and lots of fun on a Sport bike.

Feel free to leave a comment suggesting specific motorcycle skills you’d like to see us include in future motorcycle training classes.

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