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Suzuki GSX motorcycle division - R1100 out of their biggest success in 1980, GSX - R series of sport bikes and their occupation in 2001 GSX - R has added a new model in the series. Search only numbers, you will immediately notice capacity was reduced to 100cm3. However, the Suzuki company, why they prefer to emissions reasons. This is new for gunshot residue - X-series, which does not perform the downgrade. In fact, only the new 1000 gunshot residue - X is the face value, how much better than the previous ones. Suzuki motorcycle manuals for the new series, ask your Suzuki, already a problem found on the basis of professional experience in the horse with their old series found that the prisoner has been fixed.

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Non-GSX - R750 prevent the expansion, GSX - R1000 love the high speed and excellent handling of the driver made a very good option is proud of many of the advanced features. Motorcycle Repair Manual Suzuki GSX - R1000 engine is now more than 1mm larger 13mm bore and stroke, so that tells transformed. Piston has also improved, they are now down crowned with a low gear is a counterweight. The new engine is much lighter than the 750 model with a weight of 59kg has. Suzuki motorcycle manuals for the engine speed of 9, 500 rpm and produce up to have the ability to 120kW power. In addition, the red line, 12, 000 rpm at a rate of increase. Based on the driving test, it is a new GSX - R1000, the show with a top speed of 288km / h. It is also in 10.1 seconds after that I can reach 400 feet, is running a good acceleration.

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