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Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Ltd. (SMIPL), a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, introduced two new motorcycles – the GSX-S1000, a naked roadster, and the GSX-S1000F, its fully faired version. The two siblings, which are the latest entrants in the international stable of Suzuki Motorcycle Corporation, have sharp styling and power as well as everyday usage and practicality.

The GSX-S siblings are just perfect for those who want a street bike with the soul of a GSX-R. Both GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F have inherited the legendary engine of the GSX-R1000, advanced amp' lightweight chassis, switchable 3-mode traction control system, 43 mm inverted KYB forks, radial mount monobloc brembo brakes and an easy to read instrument cluster displaying an array of comprehensive information. All these advanced technologies come together to give you a pure sport roadster.

“The GSX-S1000 is a naked roadster with an aggressive look, while the GSX-S1000F is its fully faired sibling. Their supersport genes deliver smooth, controlled handling and dynamic acceleration. We are launching these models globally and in India at the same time so that Indian motorcycle enthusiasts can lay their hands on the latest, top of the line Suzuki products. These motorcycles cater to the rider who wants a performance street motorcycle. These sport roadsters have expanded our already diverse big motorcycle line-up”, said Mr. Atul Gupta, Executive Vice President, Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Ltd.

The Suzuki GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F are both available in two colours – Candy Daring Red / Glass Sparkle Black – AV4 and Metallic Triton Blue – YSF and are priced at Rs. 1, 225, 000 and Rs. 1, 270, 000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), respectively.

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