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I own a five month old “Busa” with 4200kms on the clock, and while it’s an
awesomely fast bike that handles and stops really well, it’s in a lot of
ways, a bike that was designed and released last century? I won’t be
updating until Suzuki release the next evolution of the “Busa” which surely
cannot be far away? As far as increasing the capacity to 1500cc, i’ll
reserve my judgement until I see and ride one? At the very least it will
need traction control and more power, along with the A.B.S, 3 way power
mode and slipper clutch already fitted? There are rumours of a supercharger
ala Kawasaki H2, and the most horsepower ever available on a street bike?
Whether more power is actually needed is subjective, as the 195 HP at the
crank is far more than most mere mortals, myself included, can/will ever

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