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First, quickly cover the basic technical specifications Yamaha R1 in 2009 the bike next to a row against a particular technology in all its new features. 2009 Yamaha R1 Motorcycles Scooters present a liquid-cooled, 998 cc, inline four-cylinder, sixteen-valve DOHC engine. They had a six-speed manual with a multi-plate controls. Yamaha R1 engine is able to power from 180 to 12, 500 pounds, but with 85 feet (11.8 kg-m) 10000 pairs in his hand. Yamaha R1 is the rate at which they experienced in the consumer, or about 190 mph (257.5 kf). All this power is now available for less than $ 12, 500. Now, new technology motorcycle Yamaha R1 2009! 2009 Yamaha R1 motorcycle is first introduced cross vilbreken technology in two-wheel motor vehicles. Cross vilbreken technology is very technical, very complicated machine and complete explanation can be easily implemented articles alone. Therefore, we will try to describe in terms of shorter and simpler we can.

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The classic engine, burning fuel of piston up and down the PSTN. The piston, in turn, drive vilbreken. vilbreken converted into reciprocating motion of the piston movement in turn of the wheel finally came back to the bike. This translation of the mutual rotation is never perfect. Energy is lost when the form of motion changes, and pay attention to the delay time in the swelling of the piston turning circle. great energy and movement (in this case rpm), the largest loss in the transfer of energy and movement. What does it mean that as a driver of a motorcycle is that the faster you go, the less control you have over the throttle behind the wheel. Cross vilbreken system totally different approach. First, as a series of exchanges of fire piston Tour, this engine is made up of four series Piston shot in the rotation. Secondly, the piston rods vilbreken put in ninety degrees apart around the vilbreken. in order to draw the piston is 270 ° -180 ° -90 ° -180 °. result in the right field corner and ask the non-marine series is that the exchange of energy and movement of the piston behind the wheel is more clear and precise. What does this mean for you as a motorcyclist, is that the acceleration pedal or control of more of the wheel, which allows for constant, linear acceleration and smooth handling of a motorcycle, thereby increasing speed.

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  • Venom Sport Bike Dual Rear Paddle & Front Fork Wheel Lift Stand
  • Completely Lift Your Whole Bike - Perfect For Home Or Shop Repairs
  • Professionally Designed And Full Adjustable To Fit Most Sport Bikes
  • Material: High Grade Steel
  • Color: Black (Front + Rear Stand Set)
Venom Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Rim Tire Balancing Weights Truing Portable Tire Stand Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW - Sport Street Bike, Cruiser Bike, Touring Bike, Motorcycle Dirt Bike
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  • Venom Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Balancer
  • Balance Wheels Up To A Maximum Wheel Size: 10 Wide x 28 Diameter
  • Perfect For Most Harley s, Crusiers, Sport Bikes, MX Dirt Bikes And Other Motorcycles
  • Quantity: 1 Wheel Balancer + 10G And 5G Weights
  • Color: Black
Pit Posse Pit Posse Motorcycle Wheel Bearing Remover Separator Extractor Puller Tool Honda Yamaha
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  • 1 New Wheel Bearing Remover Set
  • It works on virtually any size wheel bearing on both motorcycles and ATVS
  • The set consist of 7 removers 25mm, 20mm, 19mm, 17mm, 15mm, 12mm and 10mm
  • Each remover has a tapered end so part of the remover will slip inside the bearing
All Balls All Balls Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit 25-1403
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  • Kits contains all bearings and seals required to re-fit a wheel
  • The most extensive line of kits for off-road applications
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  • Premium EMQ quality, hi-speed bearing featuring low drag, double lip rubber seals which provide superior exclusion of water, dirt and improved grease retention
  • Type TC Nitrile Elastomer wheel seals are specifically designed to keep out water and dirt.
Tmsuschina 2 ~ White Flashing LED Wheel Light Motorcycle ATV Dirt Bike Valve Cap for Yamaha Honda Suzuki Harley Sportster Kawasaki
Car Audio or Theater (Tmsuschina)
  • Condition:100% Brand New; Material: Metal Plating; Cap Diameter: 15mm
  • Quantity: Two Lights with 6 AG Button cell battery (3 for one light); Led Color: White
  • Also Durable, High Impact, Water resistant and Rust Resistant; Chrome body with Ultra Bright, Long Life-span LED lamp
  • Automatic sensor turns lamp on when wheel is in motion; When you stop they will switch off to save battery power; Increases nighttime and bad weather visibility...
  • Installs on standard tyre air stem valve of cars, motorcycles or bicycles; art to move, they automatically flash light up creating a solid disk of light that appears...

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